Tuesday, November 01, 2011

living the blues [notes]

living the blues  

[record label: dtm/emi europe]

1. just remember the good times
2. new orleans rain
3. little red rooster [willie dixon]
4. trouble in mind [richard jones]
5. sweet disposition
6. living the blues
7. get up in the morning
8. where there is love
9. leave the man alone
10. sweet soul southern country
11. i love my baby
12. the breath of scandal
13. honey on the shelf
14. sittin' blues

doug duffey: piano and vocal [solo]
recorded @ ultrasonic studios: new orleans, louisiana; jy recording, and the john cale studio: monroe, louisiana
mastered by parker dinkins [master digital, new orleans] 
all songs written by doug duffey [except tracks 3 &4] 
published by doug duffey music, bmi [except tracks 3 &4] 
cd cover foto by: olivier viret/ switzerland
released in europe only
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D-56814 Ernst/Mosel

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doug's notes: 

this cd was made up of material taken from 3 different solo recording sessions I did. It was released in Europe but is unfortunately out of print. but you can try the above contact  info.

I did the 1st solo sessions in the late 80s at jy studio in west Monroe, Louisiana. I went in with no rehearsal, no plan, and no idea what I would do… I just sat at the piano and played & sang some of my original songs [and a few traditional songs] for an hour or two. We stopped after each song, then went on to the next one. everything was done in one take; there were no over-dubs; there was no mixing; it was recorded ‘live’ in the studio. For that reason, I called the material from that session “honest mistakes”. Of all the sessions I’ve ever done, it was the most magical. "love comes”, “the breath of scandal”, “in here” and many of my favorites were done in that session.    

promo foto for "honest mistakes" -by vivien thomas / new orleans

The 2nd session was done at ultrasonic studios in new orleans in the early 90s. I recorded “new orleans rain” “living the blues”, and 2 of my personal favorites:  “just remember the good times” and “where there is love”.

it was not an easy or comfortable session, but i got through it! i'd been robbed the night before [ah, new orleans!] and was totally freaked out! the piano was hard as hell to play. i had a board put down on the floor and mic-ed, ala john lee hooker, for percussion; but all my rings and jewelry also added to the percussion section!  

doug duffey at ultrasonic- by bob crosby/ new orleans

The 3rd session was recorded in Monroe at my friend, john cale’s, house. He had a great Steinway grand, good mics, and a big old teac machine. I recorded in the living room, with my new orleans votive candles and incense burning on the piano, and friend/neighbor wayne kept bringing us 'cape cods' from across the street! It was a totally relaxed, informal, comfortable and fun ‘down home’ session. just the way i like to record. ‘hoodoo you love” “the 1st taste of trouble” and “fallen angels” were some of the songs I recorded.  
I am planning to recycle most of my solo material and issue new compilations via CD.BABY in early 2008. check the cd page for info.