Monday, November 27, 2006

Jam! Rabadash Party @ Tipitina's

it's getting down to the wire. the big Rabadash party @ Tip's is this coming thursday. this is just a friendly reminder!

also... to any of my funky new orleans friends who will be in town: i invite you to come and JAM with me at tips... i'll be doing songs from my 1st cd "danger sex and sound fx" [rabadash] "rectified spirit" [the orchard] and from my latest [coming in december] "changin' times"*[cdbaby] ... all cds are [or will be*] available at your favorite online music outlets.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


at long last i have finally 'designed' the jacket & label artwork for "changin' times" - my newest cd- and it is off to the manufacturer!
i decided to keep info 'short and sweet' on the jacket [since there is never room enough on cd jackets for much!] - but there will be a page on the 'cds' page of my wesbite with details of the sessions, session fotos, and some lyrics.

the cd will be ready in a few weeks, and then available for online orders through
so, as sister pearlie mae would've said, "check it out and lock it down!"