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danger, sex and sound fx [notes]

danger, sex and sound fx 

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1. call me up
2. don't you forget  about me
3. dangerous love
4. cheap things
5. i won't cry
6. with losers like you
7. disarmed
8. muscle of love
9. you're my fantasy
10. publicity
11. mansion on the hill
12. burning in water

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Rabadash Records
P.O. Box 19384
New Orleans, La. 70179

all songs written by doug duffey, published by: doug duffey music, bmi
doug duffey- vocals, piano, organ, keyboards anders osbourne- guitars, keyboards, drums
jimmy messa- bass
louie ludwig- keyboards, drums
john katz/russell thomas- guitars
john autin- keyboards
backing vocals: nora wixted, anders osbourne, louie ludwig, doug duffey
produced by: louie ludwig, anders osborne & doug duffey- executive producer: john autin
recorded at rabadash recording studio, new orleans
mastered by parker dinkins [master digital, new orleans] 
cover foto: martin ritzkowski

doug's notes:
at the time this cd was recorded, i was mostly known for playing solo on bourbon street; so, it was a shock for some people to hear me doing this music: hard bluesy techno-ish rock with a nasty edge... but, i'd always done rock and funk before i went solo. 
in the mid to late 70s i was in 'razin' cain' - a very high-energy new orleans funky rock band doing all original music [i wrote the majority of the material]- AND in the late 80s i had 'doug duffey/street level/new orleans' a techno-voodoo-euro-gumbo-funk-rock-dance tribe [doing my original music] -so... for me, the music on this cd was NOT out of character. au contraire. 
i was in serious "rock mode" at the time, and i wanted a cd [something that went a little deeper lyrically and musically than the standard r&b fare] that showed another side of Nawlins life... and this cd DOES that! the music may sound a bit european, but the lyrics are straight outa' the quarter [especially "call me up", "dangerous love", & "muscle of love"] ... the songs definitely live up to the title! 

from left to right:  doug duffey and john autin; louie ludwig; anders osborne; jimmy messa; nora wixted
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living the blues [notes]

living the blues  

[record label: dtm/emi europe]

1. just remember the good times
2. new orleans rain
3. little red rooster [willie dixon]
4. trouble in mind [richard jones]
5. sweet disposition
6. living the blues
7. get up in the morning
8. where there is love
9. leave the man alone
10. sweet soul southern country
11. i love my baby
12. the breath of scandal
13. honey on the shelf
14. sittin' blues

doug duffey: piano and vocal [solo]
recorded @ ultrasonic studios: new orleans, louisiana; jy recording, and the john cale studio: monroe, louisiana
mastered by parker dinkins [master digital, new orleans] 
all songs written by doug duffey [except tracks 3 &4] 
published by doug duffey music, bmi [except tracks 3 &4] 
cd cover foto by: olivier viret/ switzerland
released in europe only
to order: CONTACT :
TOWN MUSIC Vertriebs GmbH
Fährstr. 2-4
D-56814 Ernst/Mosel

Tel   + 49 (0) 2671/ 236
Fax + 49 (0) 2671/ 251 

doug's notes: 

this cd was made up of material taken from 3 different solo recording sessions I did. It was released in Europe but is unfortunately out of print. but you can try the above contact  info.

I did the 1st solo sessions in the late 80s at jy studio in west Monroe, Louisiana. I went in with no rehearsal, no plan, and no idea what I would do… I just sat at the piano and played & sang some of my original songs [and a few traditional songs] for an hour or two. We stopped after each song, then went on to the next one. everything was done in one take; there were no over-dubs; there was no mixing; it was recorded ‘live’ in the studio. For that reason, I called the material from that session “honest mistakes”. Of all the sessions I’ve ever done, it was the most magical. "love comes”, “the breath of scandal”, “in here” and many of my favorites were done in that session.    

promo foto for "honest mistakes" -by vivien thomas / new orleans

The 2nd session was done at ultrasonic studios in new orleans in the early 90s. I recorded “new orleans rain” “living the blues”, and 2 of my personal favorites:  “just remember the good times” and “where there is love”.

it was not an easy or comfortable session, but i got through it! i'd been robbed the night before [ah, new orleans!] and was totally freaked out! the piano was hard as hell to play. i had a board put down on the floor and mic-ed, ala john lee hooker, for percussion; but all my rings and jewelry also added to the percussion section!  

doug duffey at ultrasonic- by bob crosby/ new orleans

The 3rd session was recorded in Monroe at my friend, john cale’s, house. He had a great Steinway grand, good mics, and a big old teac machine. I recorded in the living room, with my new orleans votive candles and incense burning on the piano, and friend/neighbor wayne kept bringing us 'cape cods' from across the street! It was a totally relaxed, informal, comfortable and fun ‘down home’ session. just the way i like to record. ‘hoodoo you love” “the 1st taste of trouble” and “fallen angels” were some of the songs I recorded.  
I am planning to recycle most of my solo material and issue new compilations via CD.BABY in early 2008. check the cd page for info.


the doug duffey band live

this cd is out of print at the moment and will eventually be available for digital download via cdbaby

1. i love my baby

4. if it ain't one thing
5. love and hate
7. rectified spirit
8. back home in louisiana
9. piece of the action
10. you bring me joy
12. sweet soul southern country

doug duffey: vocals, piano, organ, clavinet
guitars: andrew vroomans, hans klein, frank burks
bass: marco dirne, rene dissel
drums: maarten zwarts
saxophone; matts meyer
backing vocals: simone roerade, melissa t'harte, andrew vroomans
recorded live @ "leideskaade live" hilversum, holland; mahogany hall, bern switzerland; le couplole/die gasskessel, biel/bienne, switzerland; and swiss radio international,  bern, switzerland-mastered by parker dinkins [master digital, new orleans] 
all songs written by doug duffey; published by: doug duffey music, bmi
cd cover foto: olivier viret/switzerland
this cd is out of stock and i don't plan on re-issuing it; however, it and more material will be available for download from cyber stores, soon. check the news section. thanks!

Doug’s notes:
This cd was compiled from various gigs and radio shows recorded in Holland and Switzerland. we did an amazing live radio broadcast called ‘leideskade live” in a big studio in Hilversum, Holland. There was a very enthusiastic studio audience, which can be heard on the recordings. We shared the bill with chris duarte and the boo radleys [who didn’t show up…so we had to play longer…which was great for us!] we also did swiss radio/tv international at the BEA in Bern with another great live audience. ‘back home in louisiana’ came from that session.  
The majority of the material was recorded at mahogany hall in Bern and the Gaskessel in Biel. Both concerts were great! We had very big and responsive crowds...and a LOT of encores!  after the show, my friend olivier viret [who shot photos at the Gaskessel show- and shot the cover foto for this cd and 'living the blues'] said i was "like a white james brown!" - unfortunately the complete 20 minute version of 'rectified spirit' is not on this cd. There was a lot of music to choose from… and a lot more that hasn’t even been edited YET! 
this cd is out of print and I’m not going to press it again; but some material from it, and other live shows, will be available in the near future from one of the cyber labels. check the news page for info.[c]2011 DOUG DUFFEY

rectified spirit [notes]

rectified spirit

new orleans 1996/ foto: doug duffey [c]2009
1. hoodoo you love
2. piece of the action
3. somethin' funky
4. new orleans rain
5. hard times
6. rectified spirit
7. love comes
8. love and hate
9. you bring me joy
10. victim of the blues
11. down in mississippi
12.  if it ain't one thing

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all songs written by doug duffey & published by: doug duffey music, bmi

doug duffey: vocals, piano, hammond b-3, fender rhodes
guitar: june yamagishi, anders osbourne, carol berzacs, mark bingham
bass: cornell c. williams
drums: maarten zwarts
percussion: michael ward
saxophone: tim green, ray moore
trumpet: eric lucero
synth: glenn patcha ["love comes"]
hammond b3: ["if it aint one thing"] eloudie bingmon
backing vocals: leigh "little queenie" harris, eloudie bingmon, cornell williams, kim ross, doug duffey
recorded @ the boiler room, new orleans by erik flettrich & mark bingham;  mixed @ ardent studios, memphis tennesee by erik flettrich; mastered by parker dinkins [master digital, new orleans] 

juju shrine/ religious street/ new orleans [c]1990-2006 doug duffey
doug's notes: 
although this cd is listed w/a lot of cyber labels as 'blues' it is MUCH more than that! it's a big gumbo of louisiana funk, soul, r&b, blues, and gospel flavors. 
a lot of the songs were written in, and about, new orleans when i was living there. 'hoodoo you love', 'new orleans rain', 'you bring me joy', and 'love and hate' are lyrically based on what i visually saw, went through, and/or lived. as usual, with my work, it is almost always derived from true life experience. even 'down in mississippi' [written in brussels] and 'victim of the blues' were written about times at my cousin's plantation in natchez, mississippi... or driving to or from there.
the cd was recorded it over several months time at "the boiler room" in new orleans- where we had some incredibly funky sessions and equally good times... [and some great shrimp & oyster po-boys from the 'louisiana seafood exchange'! which definitely effected the groove on 'recitified'!] 
june yamagishi, cornell williams, maarten zwaarts, and i normally rehearsed the songs then recorded the basic tracks- but on 'somethin' funky' and 'down in mississippi' anders osborne [who co-produced and played on my 1st cd 'danger,sex and sound fx']  joined us... and those two songs were totally 'jammed' live. they have great energy!
cornell's mom, eloudie bingmon, played B-3 on 'if it ain't one thing' [later covered by marcia ball] because i wanted a real church organist! the vision of her with shoes off, and a kool cigarette in her mouth as she played, will always stay with me when i hear it!...but all the stories from the sessions are too many to mention.
some of new orleans finest musicians [and some of my old friends] are on this cd. their contributions are immeasurable. i really think the music speaks for itself... and i personally feel this is a timeless recording.
it was mixed at ardent studios in memphis; so i've got some of both of  my favorite musical worlds on this cd. it's most definitely a funk and soul extravaganza!
update december 2006:
in listening to this cd now... it almost seems more timely than when it was recorded!

changin' times [notes]

changin' times

original louisiana soul & blues
foto: recording session, monroe, louisiana
 music clips, downloads and cds are available from:
1. carnival time in the city ***
2. fallen angels
 3. bitter wine ***
4. nothing ventured, nothing gained
 5. home sweet bourbon street *
6. love into my life
 7. it’s time
8.  reach out for me
 9. sweet soul sister * 
10. sweet disposition *
 11. changin’ times
 12. the first taste of trouble
 13. workin’ man’s blues
  *** horns arranged by josh keene- * horns arranged by doug duffey

doug duffey: vocal/piano/organ - jerry beach: guitar - tommy miller: guitar - doug johnson: bass - steve wade: drums - lisa spann: vocals - michael rasbury: vocals/percussion - josh keene: trumpet - thad noland: saxophones - jeremy davis: saxophone
engineered, recorded, mixed, and mastered by michael rasbury
all songs written/arranged by doug duffey (C)(P)2006 published by doug duffey music, bmi
executive producers: jacqueline trachsel & doug duffey
special thanks to jimmy and ellen balfour for the use of "little chicago" 

fotos from the sessions : left to right: jerry beach;  tommy miller; steve wade; doug johnson; doug duffey: michael rasbury; lisa spann; jeremy davis, thad noland, & josh keene
click on fotos to enlarge

doug's notes:
[on the sessions]
for this cd i wanted to record in a relaxed no-stress environment. I find most studios to be sterile and uncomfortable; too much like offices or work places. I can’t stand sitting around in them for days, weeks, or months, twiddling knobs, listening over and over, dissecting/editing/changing the music, etc. The end product usually ends up being over produced and far from the original concept [sometimes better but more often worse] - although it seems to be a necessary evil, I don’t really like the multi track approach to recording anymore [i can do that alone, on my computer, thank you]
I find that live recordings always have the best energy. I wanted something that sounded closer to what I do live.
I wanted to record more like people did in the old days: with everyone in one big room, playing at the same time. I find this a much more honest approach to making music. I also wanted to record where we could take our time, work at our own pace, come and go when we wanted to- with no time-clock or restrictions- but get the tracks cut right... and quickly. ‘back in the day’ most records were recorded ‘live in the studio’- to a 2 track machine- in one take; if someone screwed up… they started over… then kept the best ‘cut’. [Unfortunately “little chicago” is right by the railroad tracks AND directly on the street- so train horns and loud cars often stopped everything! so, we had to start over many times! we'd just have a smoke break when that happened... then started over! ]
I asked michael rasbury if he could do the recordings ‘on location’. I asked my friends jimmy and ellen balfour is we could use “little chicago” [which they own] to record in. luckily everyone said “yes!” and so the project began.
“little chicago” [500 desiard street, monroe, louisiana] is a landmark, and was a bar from time immemorial. It’s a great space, downtown, with old brick walls and hardwood floors. it has a long history and it’s been various bars/clubs over the years. [it’s unfortunately not a music club anymore] we’ve all played there, at various times, in it’s different incarnations, since the 70s… so we felt right at home!
The basic tracks [guitar, bass, drums, piano, scratch vocal] were recorded live- in 3 different sessions over 3 days time- at “little chicago”. We set up in a circle, Michael mic-ed everything, got the levels, we ran through a song once or twice, then recorded it, and kept the best version, then went onto the next song. We knocked out 4 or 5 songs a day!
We didn’t go completely old school, as much as I would’ve liked to. we recorded the basic tracks live, then did overdubs [horns, backing vocals, some of my lead vocals, guitars, extra keys] at Michael’s house or mine, afterwards.
I find this cd to capture the musical ‘feel’ of this region [north Louisiana] where blues, soul, r&b, rock & roll, country and gospel have all intermingled forever. I also find this cd to be very organic, with most of the songs written here in Louisiana, recorded “smack dab in the middle” of my home town, in an old club I used to play, with great friends I have luckily had most of my life. 
a big “thank you” to everyone who participated in this project, and made it possible.  
[about the songs]
I decided to go through my archive of songs for this project, and find those that would best fit the overall ‘louisiana flavored’ blues and soul concept, and songs that would feel good played live. there are some songs about new orleans [my former residence and ‘spiritual’ home] mixed with some cajun, some songs that almost sound ‘country-ish’, as well as ‘old school’ Memphis style r&b - and some rock… all done North Louisiana style! i call it "louisiana americana"
Although, I’ve recorded some of the songs solo they’ve never been released, or haven’t been released as recorded with a band; many are from my writer's tapes- and have been waiting for years for their chance to come to light. I hope you enjoy them!

THE SOLO SESSIONS 1988-1992 [notes]

Doug Duffey- vocal/acoustic grand piano
All songs written, arranged, performed and produced by Doug Duffey [except: House of the Rising Sun*- Traditional- adapted & arranged by Doug Duffey]. All songs published by Doug Duffey Music, BMI. Recorded at Ultrasonic Studios, New Orleans; JY Recording Studio, West Monroe, LA;  The John Cale Studio, Monroe, LA
Doug's notes:
doug-duffey-st.louis-cathed.gif (264209 bytes)LOUISIANA: most of the material on this cd relates to louisiana, new orleans, and/or the south, or has a southern, bluesy, rootsy, americana feel about it. there are a lot of southern images floating around in the lyrics. 

               CABARET VIEUX CARRE: these are some of my darker, more dramatic, somewhat cabaret/theatrical ballad type songs. combined they have the feel of a late night bistro; rather like the late shift where i worked on bourbon street. the only UP tempo song is 'leave the man alone' ...which i wrote about elvis. 

although i had played piano since i was 12, i mostly worked in groups, playing keys, in the 1960s until the late 1980s. i'd always written songs on the piano, or keyboard, and did a lot of home recordings- but never went in real studio and recorded solo. i began playing some solo gigs around 1987... and did my 1st solo recordings in 1988. 
there is something special about a real acoustic grand piano;  playing it, and singing at the same time, you become one with it. you get totally in sync, in a rhythm... and that's the way it should be. you can lose yourself. i cannot imagine recording solo any other way. 
i went in JY Studios in 1988, sat at the piano and played and sang one song after the other, off the top of my head. nothing was planned; nothing was rehearsed; i had no repertoire. there was absolutely no stress... i just did it. it was a very magical session. everything just seemed to flow... the songs rolled out.  if there was a tiny mistake, i didn't really bother about it ... unless it was VERY noticeable, in which case we would stop the tape, and start again. i dont really get hung up on technicalities... as long as the overall feel is there. for that reason i named the collection of those recordings "honest mistakes" [released on cassette] 
several years later, when i was living in new orleans, i'd written some new songs and wanted to do more recordings. i went to ultrasonic. it was a nightmare from hell :due to some personal issues, and the fact that the piano keys were stiff; hard as hell to play. everything seemed to go wrong. it did not go well at all; but i got several usable cuts, after much torture. i did a good version of 'trouble in mind'- but due to copyright/legal hassles i am not including it on this collection. 
when i was home for a visit, my friend john cale offered me the use of his steinway grand. we recorded in his living room with a big 2 track tascam. i had all my religious votive candles and incense burning... and a friend [wayne hopper] across the street brought cocktails... it went great.  again... no stress. everything i did that day just 'worked'. mais, c'est la vie! sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn't. 2 out of 3 ain't bad!
later, when i was working solo on bourbon street, i had some of the songs from these sessions put on  cassettes and sold them on the gig. in the  mid 90s some of the songs were released on cd on a european label, but is now out of print. [long story] i gave the company 2 dats with 30+ songs on them and told them to choose- something i shouldn't have done. for that reason i have decided to make 2 cds from the 3 sessions... and sort them as i feel they flow better. 
so now... almost 20 years since the original recordings,  i've  released these songs to the world... through the miracle of new technology and cdbaby! 
the fotos on this page are from the era of the recordings [1988-1992]... most were shot in new orleans. the big one at top is one of my favorites.  it was taken in a k-mart foto-booth in little rock when i was doing a 2-week solo 'run' there.
 FOTO GALLERY: click on image to enlarge 
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