Friday, March 09, 2007

back to louisiana/back to europe

i got back to louisiana last week, and have been going through the usual post tour jet lag craziness.
i had a great tour and good times in europe, as usual, and was reluctant to leave. but, after 2.5. months in europe i have a world of things to do here; not least: TAXES! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

kelvin bullen* [guitar] and i began some laptop/hotel room recordings while in zermatt.
amongst all the computer tracks i have done with him there; the ones i have done with steve kilpatrick; tommy miller/doug johnson [here] there might be a new 'production' cd in the works VERY soon. i found a similar feel/sound in a lot of the tracks and plan to explore further. i'm going for a "stones in memphis" feel... keith richards meets willie mitchell [HI records]

i really wanted to record 'live' with the band- not LIVE onstage- [even though we did that at several festivals and at Mahogany Hall/Bern]- but live in a controlled environment, like i did with "changin' times" - but there was no time this tour.

i'll be back in europe in july for some gigs and plan on also having some time to do the 'live' recordings
[with "the international soul band"] during that trip.

havent blogged in a while... been too busy... more after taxes