Wednesday, July 06, 2011

TRADITIONAL- a year late and many dollars short

a year late and many dollars short; as opposed to a day late and a dollar short. a lot of water has gone under [and up to] the bridge. it seems i never get cds completed until a year or so after the recordings. i dont even think about them. i let them age like fine wine, or ferment like liquor, or turn to vinegar, i suppose. i am always more interested in DOING the projects/recordings than the final result. once it's done, i'm ready to get onto something else.

it seems unreal that it has been a year since we began the TRADITIONAL recordings. so much has happened, that it is to the point of surreal. so much loss; so much pain. my friend wayne recently said that he felt the cd was 'portentous' when we were doing it; possibly because there are so many sad songs about death and dying, lost love and life... et je ne sais pas. a lot of old traditional gospel, folk, blues & jazz songs, which, no, are not very happy. but then, life is not always happy.

michael emailed & said he now had time to get back to the cd- so- i asked him to listen and choose the best of the best takes. i trust his ears and judgement implicitly. i trust my judgement on the performances, but not the fine tuning of the sonics of it all; the mastering etc. i sent a friend a cd i'd done, he put it in and it blew up his speakers- so, no.... probably not wise; but i have LEARNED from time and experience to watch & obey those damned meters.

i will possibly have 100 physical cds made to start with, and have them and digital downloads available via cdbaby on all the usual internet music outlets [amazon, itune, rhapsody etc] - so stay tuned for release date. might have to do a cd release party concert @ the rayville arts center where the grand piano tracks were recorded. but you'd have to brown bag it