Tuesday, November 01, 2011

danger, sex and sound fx [notes]

danger, sex and sound fx 

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1. call me up
2. don't you forget  about me
3. dangerous love
4. cheap things
5. i won't cry
6. with losers like you
7. disarmed
8. muscle of love
9. you're my fantasy
10. publicity
11. mansion on the hill
12. burning in water

to order the cd:
Rabadash Records
P.O. Box 19384
New Orleans, La. 70179

all songs written by doug duffey, published by: doug duffey music, bmi
doug duffey- vocals, piano, organ, keyboards anders osbourne- guitars, keyboards, drums
jimmy messa- bass
louie ludwig- keyboards, drums
john katz/russell thomas- guitars
john autin- keyboards
backing vocals: nora wixted, anders osbourne, louie ludwig, doug duffey
produced by: louie ludwig, anders osborne & doug duffey- executive producer: john autin
recorded at rabadash recording studio, new orleans
mastered by parker dinkins [master digital, new orleans] 
cover foto: martin ritzkowski

doug's notes:
at the time this cd was recorded, i was mostly known for playing solo on bourbon street; so, it was a shock for some people to hear me doing this music: hard bluesy techno-ish rock with a nasty edge... but, i'd always done rock and funk before i went solo. 
in the mid to late 70s i was in 'razin' cain' - a very high-energy new orleans funky rock band doing all original music [i wrote the majority of the material]- AND in the late 80s i had 'doug duffey/street level/new orleans' a techno-voodoo-euro-gumbo-funk-rock-dance tribe [doing my original music] -so... for me, the music on this cd was NOT out of character. au contraire. 
i was in serious "rock mode" at the time, and i wanted a cd [something that went a little deeper lyrically and musically than the standard r&b fare] that showed another side of Nawlins life... and this cd DOES that! the music may sound a bit european, but the lyrics are straight outa' the quarter [especially "call me up", "dangerous love", & "muscle of love"] ... the songs definitely live up to the title! 

from left to right:  doug duffey and john autin; louie ludwig; anders osborne; jimmy messa; nora wixted
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