Saturday, April 26, 2008

new blues you can use

I’ve been working every chance I could get on new blues songs for the upcoming cd. I’ve written 13 new songs in the past 2 weeks… and think I am done! I think I wrote some good stuff. When writing, I went way back in the day; way old school; way back to the roots… and my musical roots. I’m going for a Howlin” Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed feel and sound. Believe it or not, those were the artists my parents partied to when I was little; when they had “house parties” [literally] back in the 1950s.

I wrote a few boogie type songs just because I like them, but don’t normally do them… boogie [not boogie-woogie] is more of a guitar thing; not a piano thing.

I’ve written and recorded everything- made rough demos- and uploaded the material to the band. As soon as I get to Switzerland we will start rehearsing this new material, jamming it out, and begin recording it. We’ll be done with the recordings by May 15th, but Michael will be mixing and mastering everything in Virginia.

I’m hoping the final product will be ready this summer. Stay tuned!

[c]2008 doug duffey

Saturday, April 12, 2008

new blues cd in the works

Voila! a "doug duffey international soul band" BLUES cd is in the works. we've been performing together for several years and it is time to do a cd! time to "kick it up a notch!"
i'm currently going through my archives of original blues music and writing some new songs for the cd. i might even throw in one or two public domain/traditional songs.
we'll begin recording in Switzerland in May with Michael Rasbury at the helm. Michael recorded, mixed and mastered "Changin Times"*. I'm going to use the same M.O. as I did for CT*- setting up in a big room, recording LIVE [as opposed to going into a studio] which will give us more freedom; we can come and go as we like, record when we like, etc.
i just saw a great VH1 'classic album' show on "The Band", who recorded the same way in the 60s/70s... which [along with past experience] only reinforced my vision that this is the way to go. we also plan to video/document a lot of the sessions.
i've also been watching some incredible videos of Howlin Wolf on youtube, recorded live in what looks like a bar- which has the feel i want: relaxed, laid back...REAL.
as of yet there is no working title... but... i will add more info as i know it.
[c]2008 doug duffey

Thursday, April 03, 2008

death and taxes

they say there are only 2 sure things in life: death and taxes. i am dealing with the latter and not liking it, as usual.

[c]2008 doug duffey