Wednesday, May 30, 2007


foto: a shot of me playing solo at Tipitina's in New Orleans, November 2006

I'll be doing my solo thing @ enoch's [507 louisville, monroe, louisiana] friday june 8. i usually do a mix of my original songs, louisiana standards, some old soul, jazz and blues stuff... and basically whatever pops into my head! adventures in improvisation

we're having the annual hippie reunion the 9th [YOU know where] so... whoever is coming "be sure to wear some flowers in your hair" [or what's left of it] and your best tie-dyed drag... and come by enoch's the night before!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

onstage at mudbug

click on photo to enlarge it

above: a shot of us in action: left to right: jerry beach; tommy miller; john brown; doug duffey; doug johnson; mark smith; steve cagle
above foto: jacqueline trachsel

post show mudbug snaps

These are some shots I made after our show.
above: this was the scene from the stage immediately after we stopped playing! a tent FULL of people! that was cool!

above: Thomas Fields and the Zydeco Foot Stompers. we stayed and heard an hour of them.

above: Miss Abigail Edwards doing her thang in her pink cowgirl hat

above: Harvey Dillahunty getting ready for the crawfish eating contest
above: clockwise: Jacqueline Trachsel, Bill Hess, and Ada Duffey [my mom] eating a "blooming onion"

the end

Sunday, May 27, 2007

live video from 1st set @ mudbug

Robert Trudeau posted this video from early in our 1st set at mudbug madness... up close and personal! voila, le travail!

thank you Robert!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

some pre-show snaps from mudbug madness

i took a few snaps before the show during sound check; unfortunately i didn't get one of steve cagle [keyboards and trombone]. i expect to have some shots of the band in action and will post them AS soon as i get them!

it was a good show. we did 2 sets. we had a LOT of people. to all of you who came out and saw us today THANKS! ... and remember cds are available from:
above: doug johnson [bass] and mark smith [percussion]

above: john brown, sr. [drums]
above: jerry beach [guitar], mark smith [percussion], tommy miller [guitar]

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Had a call today and seems the band is expanding... more folks wanting to join in and jam... so i feel there will be mucho "madness" [to go with the name of the festival] and fun onstage... i'm putting on my referee hat!

thanks to robert trudeau for his mention on his blog ... as we say down heah "y'all come"...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mudbug Madness- Shreveport, Louisiana

Foto: Doug Duffey/New Orleans, May 7, 2007

I'll be playing the "MUDBUG MADNESS FESTIVAL" w/the band, in Shreveport, Louisiana: May 26, 2007- 11 AM... We'll be doing a mix of my original songs and some Louisiana standards... so for a funky rockin' good Louisiana time... be there!

Band lineup:

Doug Duffey- vocals/piano *
Tommy Miller- guitar/vocals
Jerry Beach- guitar/vocals *
Doug Johnson- bass/vocals
John Brown, Sr.- drums *
Mark Smith- percussion
Steve Cagle- organ/trombone [added May 24th]

[*member of the Louisiana Hall of Fame]

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

podcasts and downloads

have been working to make ready to begin some podcasting. i figure it's time to kick in 'doug duffey radio' and broadcast via the web various and sundry musical trips i want to share. have been finding, editing and recycling a lot of tracks from the archives into sonic foundry Acid, and coming up with some very cool collage type mixes. also some great live tracks from band jams, voodoo funk, psychedelia and all kinds of crazy stuff. it'll be interesting to put it in radio format!

also creating another page for downloads: preview clips of various unreleased 'stuff'; some that i plan to get into cd form and online with before the summer is over.... or begins.

got 2 solo cds edited last week- and mock up labels done this week- but am sending them out to some friends for their critique, and i'm re-listening myself, before i turn them loose on the world. have 12 tracks per cd, but i'm thinking that choosing the best 10 out of the 12 might be the best idea. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... the beat goes on.