Friday, January 26, 2007

Midem, George Clinton, Myspace and more

Spent 5 days in Cannes, France at Midem. I had a great time networking and schmoozing.
Ran into George Clinton and re-connected after 30 years. THAT WAS A TRIP!!!! I also ran into Phil DiFiore (whom i met with Bernie Worrell in New Orleans) -on the 1st day- who was shopping Bernie's cd... and met Keith Jackson from at the huge EMI bash at Hotel Martinez. Funk was definitely there!

Met some great people- like folks from my labels: CDBABY, and THE ORCHARD- and i've decided to get all my various product [funk, soul, blues, solo, various and sundry projects and styles in my archives] online asap with my labels... and let it rock! after everyone telling me i should, i FINALLY started a myspace site. better late than never.
one of the big things i learned from Midem is: there's a gazillion people out there all trying to sell or buy something! one might as well get it all "out there" via the net!

a shot of the beach, outside Palais du Festvials, Cannes.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Midem in Cannes

we've been making last minute preparations for Midem. we leave for Cannes tomorrow evening from Basel; fly to Nice; then taxi to Cannes; where we'll be for 5 days. the weather here in switzerland has not been the best [dark,rainy,windy and cold] so 5 days on the french riviera will be great- even though we plan to be In the convention every day- and attend the parties every night.

it pays to advertise! we had 3 of my songs put on a compilation cd called "swiss music selection". they will be handing out 10,000 of them to midem participants from all over the planet!

i added a 'press' page to my website to post recent newspaper articles, promo and clippings. i'm also adding some older ones, in french, german and italian. i have boxes full of reviews,write ups, etc both here and in louisiana, from time immemorial. i might need to get some more webspace if i decide to put the majority of them online- as an archive.

btw- i'll be celebrating my birthday in Cannes. life ain't soooooooooooooo bad!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


UPDATE: january 15,2007
had a great review from damian bugmann in the bieler tagblatt...
title: "doug duffey hurricane in the soul"... click HERE to read the review [in German]
even though i have sent out some emails, and the date is listed on my website, this is a reminder that we will be playing the BLUE NOTE in Biel on January 12. with us will be percussionist carlos cort, to beef up the beat. we'll be doing some cuts from the new cd, 'changin' times', as well as from 'rectified spirit', and some of my earlier cds. come out and have, as the godfather of soul would say, "a funky good time"!
p.s. this foto was added afterward; it was shot by Renate during sound check at the Blue Note, Biel