Saturday, October 14, 2006


November 30th, 2006: Rabadash Records will be doing a benefit for the Tipitina's foundation @ Tipitina's [located at Napeleon Avenue and Tchopitoulas Street, New Orleans] featuring many of the Rabadash label's artists- and extra special guests.

Thus far the line up is looking like this:
Amanda Walker
John Autin
Big Daddy 'O'
Doug Duffey Band

I'll be doing songs from my 1st RABADASH cd "DANGER,SEX AND SOUND FX" [ a lot of rockers!] as well as some tunes from my cds "RECTIFIED SPIRIT" and "CHANGIN' TIMES"... the line-up isnt definite yet... but i am hoping all RABADASH ARTISTS will BE THERE!

oh yeah, this is gonna be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fun!