Sunday, November 11, 2018

     Back from European mini tour [had all sold out concerts] for a few weeks before returning to Europe for an extended tour into 2019. 
     Great to have been back with my band of about 16+ years, "The Doug Duffey International Soul Band" in Switzerland, for 13BluesTage in Weissbad; and 2 unplugged 'duo' shows with [Swiss blues award winner] Walter Baumgartner [blues harp/vocals]... 

     DOUG DUFFEY + BADD will be at Enoch's on November 16th [unless there is an act of God] and it is written that LOUISIANA SOUL REVIVAL + DOUG DUFFEY will be doing Downtown River Fest on December 1 [which I hope to God does not mean outdoors]... which in itself will live up to the billing.... a bien tot
     p.s. I have left Facebook for the time being- until I can get some things done- it does nothing but suck time. I also need to jettison and cull years of shit.