Saturday, December 22, 2007


I just edited and added 2 vidoes from the 1998 Louisiana Folklife Festival; I' hired some guy to shoot nthe show- he didnt capture any audio! duh! luckily i'd had the sound crew record the show, so had a cd. i have been editing and trying nto sync the two together- not always easy as the video does not always faccurately follow the audio!
This band was : Me, Jerry Beach, John Simoneaux, Ryan Munsey, David Posey.

[c]2007 doug duffey

Monday, December 17, 2007


well--- at long last i have finally got the 2 solo cds edited- and ready for cdbaby! the cds should hopefully be available online by january 2008. i have spent the past several days editing the cds- choosing the songs for each by genre- and designing the inserts and labels, etc. these songs having been unreleased since i recorded them, although some were on "living the blues" on a german label [out of print]- and some were on cassettes i had made and sold at the club when working on bourbon street. but now, thanks to technology and cdbaby, they will finally come the world... almost 20 years later. i have chosen to put most of the blues/louisiana type stuff on "louisiana" and the more cabaret-ish ballad stuff on "cabaret vieux carre" ... the foto is from the time of the recordings: 1988-1992. a page with more fotos and info will be on my website as soon as the cds are online.

some samples are on the song titles below- click to hear them!





  1. IN HERE
  3. FLY 2 U

Doug Duffey- vocal/acoustic grand piano

All songs written, arranged, performed and produced by Doug Duffey [except: House of the Rising Sun*- Traditional- adapted & arranged by Doug Duffey]. All songs published by Doug Duffey Music, BMI-[C][P] Doug Duffey

Recorded at Ultrasonic Studios, New Orleans; JY Recording Studio, West Monroe, LA; The John Cale Studio, Monroe, LA.

[c]2007 doug duffey

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Schedule Update

I've updated my schedule for December 07 and January 08- [see gigs] I'll be in Switzerland all of January- I'll be doing several band gigs, several duo "unplugged" gigs, and one solo concert. So... come out to the shows and start 2008 with some soul, blues, and funk!
[c]2007 doug duffey

Friday, November 30, 2007


a vid from youtube: featuring: me on vocal/piano; june yamagishi [papa grows funk] on guitar, cornell williams [jon cleary band]; the late michael ward on congas; jeffrey "jellybean" alexander [papa grows funk] on drums; live at the louisiana music factory, decatur street, new orleans 1997
[c]2007 doug duffey

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I haven't been blogging lately- too many other things going on. I've been transferring/saving a lot of my old VHS movies to DVD, creating youtube videos from them, and transferring a LOT of original songs from my old writers tapes and 4 track cassettes, which desperately need to be preserved. The 4 track recordings began around 1985- and went until 1998 or so. there's a lot of material. It's a major work... there are at least 10 original songs per 4 track cassette- and I have over 100 of these 4-track writers tapes.

I also have maybe 100 or more 'normal' writers cassettes, with sometimes 15 songs on each side! so, it's really mega [instead of major] work. The 2 tracks go back to the early 70s- my Hollywood years and before. Unfortunately the sound quality [me w/an electric piano & old cassette recorder with a built-in mic] are not so good. Some of the songs are good...some very good... but would have to be re-cut from scratch.

A lot of the 4 track stuff is amazing [to me] and more relevant than I'd imagined. Some of the songs written in 1985/1986 are socio-politically "right on time" now. Luckily, i bought a Cubase/Steinberg unit which has 4 inputs, and records the 4 tracks at once into my PC, saves them as individual tracks, and files them. It also has a 16 track 'studio' so i can edit the tracks, add to them, etc. A lot of the songs have been professionally cut and gone onto my various cds- but a lot never did- due to genre issues. But, i am seriously thinking of editing and cleaning up the tracks and releasing them as cds soon. i don't really want to mess with them too much; i really like the sound and feel of them just the way they are: lots of old analog drum machines and synths. However, with modern technology, i can sample the best parts/sections and make them a bit more consistent.

[c]2007 doug duffey

Friday, October 05, 2007


this song- "disarmed" -eventually went on my 1st cd ["danger, sex & sound fx" rabadash records/new orleans] - as did a few more from this show. although this is on my youtube site i'm posting it here, too. it's a real "flash from the past"!

it's from my 80s period, where i was pretty much writing/recording songs on my old 4-track cassette recorder [i still have and use it!] daily. i didn't use midi- i didn't want the music to be "perfect" or too mechanical- i wanted some 'real' life to it. these were basically writer's tapes. BUT, i mixed the instrument tracks down to 2 track cassette- 4 sets [45 minutes each] of original songs- then we [moi, linda bailey, bill dunn & tim blunk] sang all the vocals over them LIVE.

we pretty much tried to recreate the vocals/backing vocals from the original tapes- which was not so easy, because tim and i would lower the speed on the machine and do crazy backing vocal parts... which when put back to normal speed threw our voices up much higher-or lower! linda managed to wail the high parts! her voice could peel paint off the walls! we had a crew [dr. pete harris & woody]; had great sound & lights/ black backdrops- and we blasted the music LOUD!

there is only this one video of one set of this show, to my knowledge, and it is in BAD shape... but i am saving it as best i can. there are song parts that are too garbled... i tried syncing the original backing track to it- but they're [for some weird reason] in different keys- and the beats wont match up. so much for that... it is what it is... and it was FUN!

[c]2007 doug duffey

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


i think this is a beautiful 'production' of the song. many thanks to the dancers, who did an incredible job... and to my very talented cousin, Donna Ward, who choreographed it.

[c]2007 doug duffey

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I've begun going through the archive [old vhs tapes, and dvds] -now that i finally got a video capture device and have begun yet another insanity: putting videos online... [as if recording and editing new music and older recordings wasn't enough!] but it's fun. check out some live performances:

the clip below was taken @ the Tricou House [711 Bourbon Street] where i worked for years. they had a closed-circuit video camera on the piano area so they could show the 'entertainment' on BIG tv upstairs- so, i'd often get the upstairs bartender to video my sets for me- for posterity [the eventual invention of youtube etc.] i told him to turn off the color, and shoot me in black and white... yet another good move. i have tons of these tapes.... maybe i should do a dvd?

here, someone is asking me -between songs- about my voodoo doll on the piano... about the writing [mystic symbols] on it. Chicken Man gave it to me- he came by all the time and would give me voodoo dolls and various gris gris and charms for good luck. anyway... now... i find it funny... the way i made that bar like my living room! i could do whatever i wanted... and did...

btw- the anorexic look was not from drugs or starvation, but from being a strict vegan for 7 years! i think it's time to throw out the pork chops!
[c] 2007 doug duffey

Thursday, September 27, 2007


have begun uploading some live footage from some gigs to youtube - and i'm in the process of adding more... check it out! click here.... voila.
[c]2007 doug duffey

Sunday, September 23, 2007

1st day of fall- recordings

now that fall is finally here, I have begun recording; fall always inspires me.

my intention was to do some solo piano and vocal tracks “live” to my laptop; no multi tracking; everything played & sang at once. I like that method. However, I had technical problems.
I was running my piano and mic through my Roland VS1680 [using it as a mixer- since i hate using it- very complicated] into the laptop. 1st the Roland was picking up some local radio station, then, the piano would come through the headphones, but not the mic. So… I got frustrated and began multi tracking.

wrote/recorded a couple of jam tracks, then did covers of "for what it's worth" [buffalo springfield] and "season of the witch" [donovan/ julie driscoll & brian auger] which i later fused into one very long psychedelic medley... with lots of fx... and a 60s psychedelic organ solo. I did them in honor of the 40-year anniversary of "the summer of love"... I thought about posting those 2 covers in this blog …but what w/copyright laws… thought better of it.

later i tried my original plan again… and variations…and it still didn’t work. so... maybe i'll just play directly into my old Fostex 4 track recorder as a mixer! voila.

[c]2007 doug duffey

Sunday, September 16, 2007

writing lyrics/manual typwriters

have been going through [listening to, adding to or subtracting from] tons of tracks on my pc... and writing/ recording some new stuff, lately- and while the spirit is upon me, when i take a break from the music writing, i've been writing some lyrics using my old manual typewriters [better to hammer out the rhythm with, rather like piano keys, than a PC]

i have one on each porch of my house, and on various desks throughout; have collected them for years... the one in the foto below has been used for lyric/poetry/dairies & journals since the early 1970s [pre-computer]! most of my hollywood and new orleans diaries, all letters, poems and lyrics, etc. were written on it up until 1998 [when i got my 1st laptop]- i really prefer typewriters to computers... i like the uber alles feel [like an acoustic piano as opposed to a frigging keyboard] -the paper trail- [no crashes- you don't lose work]- the sound and feel and the beauty of the machinery... same thing with cameras: i prefer old manual ones to new digital ones.
above: a shot done today- on my front porch- with my old 'schreibmachine'- and below: one from a hollywood yard sale- circa 1970s- on the back porch looking out onto my 'outside' porch and my forest in the distance: a great/serene place to have coffee, smoke, THINK and TYPE...

now if only it were possible to easily find ribbons for them... but then, there IS the computer/internet, n'est pas?

[c]2007 doug duffey

Saturday, August 18, 2007

summertime blues redux

i'm back in louisiana and it's hotter than hell - w/heat index over 100F daily- bloody brutal! why would anyone think of colonizing this jungle/swamp?

i have this foto [shot it the day after i got home] ALSO on my travel blog... but it fits the "uber alles" situation. the illiterate 'psycho christian sign changer' who did this NEEDS a dictionary... but, there again... this kind of screwed up stuff is part of the charm of the deep south...

i have my 1st stateside gig tonight, and am already drained from going in and out in this heat... on top of having jet lag. oh well, it's only rock and roll... down in the delta!

[c]2007 doug duffey

Friday, August 17, 2007

shots from the last european gig

below are some shots i made at sound check- just before the last gig of the tour- at the blue note in biel-bienne [8.14.07]

kiki [sound] and kelvin

hani... on his throne

sebi tuning and jamming

the piano awaiting me... while i'm snapping pix

kiki at the board

[c]2007 doug duffey

Monday, August 06, 2007

happy birthday, switzerland

foto: jacqueline trachsel

a shot of us playing on swiss "independence day"- august 1st, 2007.

[c]2007 doug duffey

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Biel/Bienne Switzerland 7.26.07

some shots from today's gig- outside- at the Expo Bar, Guisan-Platz, Biel/Bienne... most shot during sound check

below: me [self portrait] w/ hani in the background

below: kelvin bullen [guitar]

below: sebi niessner [bass]

below: hani ali [drums]

all shots were done by me with my casio digital camera.
[c]2007 doug duffey

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

la belle suisse

my time in louisiana is coming to an end and i return to europe for a month and some days.
i hope to get a lot of webwork and music done, between gigs, while in europe. i have a lot of live european video footage that needs to be edited [and put on youtube, etc]... and hopefully the band can/will do some recording while i'm there. we need to; we really groove together.
there's a lot to do in one little month. but, i look forward to being back in "la belle suisse", performing, and seeing my friends. i'll be posting from there in one of these blogs [maybe travel-ology]

p.s. i posted the gig dates on my website .... so "come see" if you're in the region.

[c]2007 doug duffey

Saturday, June 23, 2007

tonight at julios on the bayou

i shot this foto one of the many times i played here. i love this pic. i've been playing this club since it was the bayou tavern in the early 80s. there will be no gator cooking tonight... but the band will be cookin'!

we'll be doing a mix of doug duffey originals with some delta blues, memphis soul, and a whole lotta louisiana R&B standards.... band line up: doug duffey- vocal/piano; tommy miller- guitar/vocal; dusty vines- bass/vocal; john brown -drums

anyone in the delta region [northwest mississippi/northeast louisiana] come on over.
julio's- hwy 80- tallulah, louisiana

[c]2007 doug duffey

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


foto: a shot of me playing solo at Tipitina's in New Orleans, November 2006

I'll be doing my solo thing @ enoch's [507 louisville, monroe, louisiana] friday june 8. i usually do a mix of my original songs, louisiana standards, some old soul, jazz and blues stuff... and basically whatever pops into my head! adventures in improvisation

we're having the annual hippie reunion the 9th [YOU know where] so... whoever is coming "be sure to wear some flowers in your hair" [or what's left of it] and your best tie-dyed drag... and come by enoch's the night before!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

onstage at mudbug

click on photo to enlarge it

above: a shot of us in action: left to right: jerry beach; tommy miller; john brown; doug duffey; doug johnson; mark smith; steve cagle
above foto: jacqueline trachsel

post show mudbug snaps

These are some shots I made after our show.
above: this was the scene from the stage immediately after we stopped playing! a tent FULL of people! that was cool!

above: Thomas Fields and the Zydeco Foot Stompers. we stayed and heard an hour of them.

above: Miss Abigail Edwards doing her thang in her pink cowgirl hat

above: Harvey Dillahunty getting ready for the crawfish eating contest
above: clockwise: Jacqueline Trachsel, Bill Hess, and Ada Duffey [my mom] eating a "blooming onion"

the end

Sunday, May 27, 2007

live video from 1st set @ mudbug

Robert Trudeau posted this video from early in our 1st set at mudbug madness... up close and personal! voila, le travail!

thank you Robert!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

some pre-show snaps from mudbug madness

i took a few snaps before the show during sound check; unfortunately i didn't get one of steve cagle [keyboards and trombone]. i expect to have some shots of the band in action and will post them AS soon as i get them!

it was a good show. we did 2 sets. we had a LOT of people. to all of you who came out and saw us today THANKS! ... and remember cds are available from:
above: doug johnson [bass] and mark smith [percussion]

above: john brown, sr. [drums]
above: jerry beach [guitar], mark smith [percussion], tommy miller [guitar]

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Had a call today and seems the band is expanding... more folks wanting to join in and jam... so i feel there will be mucho "madness" [to go with the name of the festival] and fun onstage... i'm putting on my referee hat!

thanks to robert trudeau for his mention on his blog ... as we say down heah "y'all come"...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mudbug Madness- Shreveport, Louisiana

Foto: Doug Duffey/New Orleans, May 7, 2007

I'll be playing the "MUDBUG MADNESS FESTIVAL" w/the band, in Shreveport, Louisiana: May 26, 2007- 11 AM... We'll be doing a mix of my original songs and some Louisiana standards... so for a funky rockin' good Louisiana time... be there!

Band lineup:

Doug Duffey- vocals/piano *
Tommy Miller- guitar/vocals
Jerry Beach- guitar/vocals *
Doug Johnson- bass/vocals
John Brown, Sr.- drums *
Mark Smith- percussion
Steve Cagle- organ/trombone [added May 24th]

[*member of the Louisiana Hall of Fame]

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

podcasts and downloads

have been working to make ready to begin some podcasting. i figure it's time to kick in 'doug duffey radio' and broadcast via the web various and sundry musical trips i want to share. have been finding, editing and recycling a lot of tracks from the archives into sonic foundry Acid, and coming up with some very cool collage type mixes. also some great live tracks from band jams, voodoo funk, psychedelia and all kinds of crazy stuff. it'll be interesting to put it in radio format!

also creating another page for downloads: preview clips of various unreleased 'stuff'; some that i plan to get into cd form and online with before the summer is over.... or begins.

got 2 solo cds edited last week- and mock up labels done this week- but am sending them out to some friends for their critique, and i'm re-listening myself, before i turn them loose on the world. have 12 tracks per cd, but i'm thinking that choosing the best 10 out of the 12 might be the best idea. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... the beat goes on.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

funk george clinton and me

while going through some old stuff i found my funk card from george clinton circa 1977- glad i hung onto it... but i still have my pfunk buttons and a lot of old posters and even test pressings i got [from the backstage management offices] --- i also uploaded it to my NEW myspace page [which i have been furiously working on for the past 2 days and nights...till dawn] it's kinda nuts... to have 2 blogs, a website, and myspace page; but they serve different functions. anyway, check it out:

i added some fotos- a great old one of me and george clinton in the mid 70s [i have more i plan to put in a gallery on my website, which i plan to redo this summer!] - and added some fotos from my wild psychedelic 60s days; i probably look [in those fotos] like a lot of the people who use myspace today! i uploaded 4 free LIVE songs and lyrics.... all with the 12 piece band "live at the louisiana folklife festival"- but you're only allowed 4 songs- so i plan to do a page on my website with a lot of FREE music downloads, get some galleries happening, etc. but it's been a busy year, already!

i just finished editing 2 new solo cds [this week!] from 3 different recording sessions done between 1988 and 1992. solo stuff, like OLD blues recordings, never ages. i have a lot of LIVE recordings to edit and get into cd form and get everything with cdbaby asap. i also dug into the archives and found a plethora of old vintage analog cool synth and drum tracks i did WAY back when... which i plan to digitize [from 4-track cassette recordings] and throw in Acid [apropos] and work on. there again i have a multitude of tracks on various computers i ALSO need to work on and finish... stuff too good to ignore! so it looks like i will have a VERY busy 2007! i hope to get that ALL done and do a few gigs, too... before heading back to europe in july! peace out

Friday, March 09, 2007

back to louisiana/back to europe

i got back to louisiana last week, and have been going through the usual post tour jet lag craziness.
i had a great tour and good times in europe, as usual, and was reluctant to leave. but, after 2.5. months in europe i have a world of things to do here; not least: TAXES! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

kelvin bullen* [guitar] and i began some laptop/hotel room recordings while in zermatt.
amongst all the computer tracks i have done with him there; the ones i have done with steve kilpatrick; tommy miller/doug johnson [here] there might be a new 'production' cd in the works VERY soon. i found a similar feel/sound in a lot of the tracks and plan to explore further. i'm going for a "stones in memphis" feel... keith richards meets willie mitchell [HI records]

i really wanted to record 'live' with the band- not LIVE onstage- [even though we did that at several festivals and at Mahogany Hall/Bern]- but live in a controlled environment, like i did with "changin' times" - but there was no time this tour.

i'll be back in europe in july for some gigs and plan on also having some time to do the 'live' recordings
[with "the international soul band"] during that trip.

havent blogged in a while... been too busy... more after taxes

Friday, January 26, 2007

Midem, George Clinton, Myspace and more

Spent 5 days in Cannes, France at Midem. I had a great time networking and schmoozing.
Ran into George Clinton and re-connected after 30 years. THAT WAS A TRIP!!!! I also ran into Phil DiFiore (whom i met with Bernie Worrell in New Orleans) -on the 1st day- who was shopping Bernie's cd... and met Keith Jackson from at the huge EMI bash at Hotel Martinez. Funk was definitely there!

Met some great people- like folks from my labels: CDBABY, and THE ORCHARD- and i've decided to get all my various product [funk, soul, blues, solo, various and sundry projects and styles in my archives] online asap with my labels... and let it rock! after everyone telling me i should, i FINALLY started a myspace site. better late than never.
one of the big things i learned from Midem is: there's a gazillion people out there all trying to sell or buy something! one might as well get it all "out there" via the net!

a shot of the beach, outside Palais du Festvials, Cannes.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Midem in Cannes

we've been making last minute preparations for Midem. we leave for Cannes tomorrow evening from Basel; fly to Nice; then taxi to Cannes; where we'll be for 5 days. the weather here in switzerland has not been the best [dark,rainy,windy and cold] so 5 days on the french riviera will be great- even though we plan to be In the convention every day- and attend the parties every night.

it pays to advertise! we had 3 of my songs put on a compilation cd called "swiss music selection". they will be handing out 10,000 of them to midem participants from all over the planet!

i added a 'press' page to my website to post recent newspaper articles, promo and clippings. i'm also adding some older ones, in french, german and italian. i have boxes full of reviews,write ups, etc both here and in louisiana, from time immemorial. i might need to get some more webspace if i decide to put the majority of them online- as an archive.

btw- i'll be celebrating my birthday in Cannes. life ain't soooooooooooooo bad!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


UPDATE: january 15,2007
had a great review from damian bugmann in the bieler tagblatt...
title: "doug duffey hurricane in the soul"... click HERE to read the review [in German]
even though i have sent out some emails, and the date is listed on my website, this is a reminder that we will be playing the BLUE NOTE in Biel on January 12. with us will be percussionist carlos cort, to beef up the beat. we'll be doing some cuts from the new cd, 'changin' times', as well as from 'rectified spirit', and some of my earlier cds. come out and have, as the godfather of soul would say, "a funky good time"!
p.s. this foto was added afterward; it was shot by Renate during sound check at the Blue Note, Biel