Saturday, September 29, 2007


I've begun going through the archive [old vhs tapes, and dvds] -now that i finally got a video capture device and have begun yet another insanity: putting videos online... [as if recording and editing new music and older recordings wasn't enough!] but it's fun. check out some live performances:

the clip below was taken @ the Tricou House [711 Bourbon Street] where i worked for years. they had a closed-circuit video camera on the piano area so they could show the 'entertainment' on BIG tv upstairs- so, i'd often get the upstairs bartender to video my sets for me- for posterity [the eventual invention of youtube etc.] i told him to turn off the color, and shoot me in black and white... yet another good move. i have tons of these tapes.... maybe i should do a dvd?

here, someone is asking me -between songs- about my voodoo doll on the piano... about the writing [mystic symbols] on it. Chicken Man gave it to me- he came by all the time and would give me voodoo dolls and various gris gris and charms for good luck. anyway... now... i find it funny... the way i made that bar like my living room! i could do whatever i wanted... and did...

btw- the anorexic look was not from drugs or starvation, but from being a strict vegan for 7 years! i think it's time to throw out the pork chops!
[c] 2007 doug duffey

Thursday, September 27, 2007


have begun uploading some live footage from some gigs to youtube - and i'm in the process of adding more... check it out! click here.... voila.
[c]2007 doug duffey

Sunday, September 23, 2007

1st day of fall- recordings

now that fall is finally here, I have begun recording; fall always inspires me.

my intention was to do some solo piano and vocal tracks “live” to my laptop; no multi tracking; everything played & sang at once. I like that method. However, I had technical problems.
I was running my piano and mic through my Roland VS1680 [using it as a mixer- since i hate using it- very complicated] into the laptop. 1st the Roland was picking up some local radio station, then, the piano would come through the headphones, but not the mic. So… I got frustrated and began multi tracking.

wrote/recorded a couple of jam tracks, then did covers of "for what it's worth" [buffalo springfield] and "season of the witch" [donovan/ julie driscoll & brian auger] which i later fused into one very long psychedelic medley... with lots of fx... and a 60s psychedelic organ solo. I did them in honor of the 40-year anniversary of "the summer of love"... I thought about posting those 2 covers in this blog …but what w/copyright laws… thought better of it.

later i tried my original plan again… and variations…and it still didn’t work. so... maybe i'll just play directly into my old Fostex 4 track recorder as a mixer! voila.

[c]2007 doug duffey

Sunday, September 16, 2007

writing lyrics/manual typwriters

have been going through [listening to, adding to or subtracting from] tons of tracks on my pc... and writing/ recording some new stuff, lately- and while the spirit is upon me, when i take a break from the music writing, i've been writing some lyrics using my old manual typewriters [better to hammer out the rhythm with, rather like piano keys, than a PC]

i have one on each porch of my house, and on various desks throughout; have collected them for years... the one in the foto below has been used for lyric/poetry/dairies & journals since the early 1970s [pre-computer]! most of my hollywood and new orleans diaries, all letters, poems and lyrics, etc. were written on it up until 1998 [when i got my 1st laptop]- i really prefer typewriters to computers... i like the uber alles feel [like an acoustic piano as opposed to a frigging keyboard] -the paper trail- [no crashes- you don't lose work]- the sound and feel and the beauty of the machinery... same thing with cameras: i prefer old manual ones to new digital ones.
above: a shot done today- on my front porch- with my old 'schreibmachine'- and below: one from a hollywood yard sale- circa 1970s- on the back porch looking out onto my 'outside' porch and my forest in the distance: a great/serene place to have coffee, smoke, THINK and TYPE...

now if only it were possible to easily find ribbons for them... but then, there IS the computer/internet, n'est pas?

[c]2007 doug duffey