Tuesday, April 17, 2007

funk george clinton and me

while going through some old stuff i found my funk card from george clinton circa 1977- glad i hung onto it... but i still have my pfunk buttons and a lot of old posters and even test pressings i got [from the backstage management offices] --- i also uploaded it to my NEW myspace page [which i have been furiously working on for the past 2 days and nights...till dawn] it's kinda nuts... to have 2 blogs, a website, and myspace page; but they serve different functions. anyway, check it out: www.myspace.com/dougduffey

i added some fotos- a great old one of me and george clinton in the mid 70s [i have more i plan to put in a gallery on my website, which i plan to redo this summer!] - and added some fotos from my wild psychedelic 60s days; i probably look [in those fotos] like a lot of the people who use myspace today! i uploaded 4 free LIVE songs and lyrics.... all with the 12 piece band "live at the louisiana folklife festival"- but you're only allowed 4 songs- so i plan to do a page on my website with a lot of FREE music downloads, get some galleries happening, etc. but it's been a busy year, already!

i just finished editing 2 new solo cds [this week!] from 3 different recording sessions done between 1988 and 1992. solo stuff, like OLD blues recordings, never ages. i have a lot of LIVE recordings to edit and get into cd form and get everything with cdbaby asap. i also dug into the archives and found a plethora of old vintage analog cool synth and drum tracks i did WAY back when... which i plan to digitize [from 4-track cassette recordings] and throw in Acid [apropos] and work on. there again i have a multitude of tracks on various computers i ALSO need to work on and finish... stuff too good to ignore! so it looks like i will have a VERY busy 2007! i hope to get that ALL done and do a few gigs, too... before heading back to europe in july! peace out