Thursday, May 10, 2012

la méditation éthérée

My new CD "la méditation éthérée- 1" [a meditation in 7 movements] is finally online for "digital download only". this music is ONE work in 7 movements; it is not meant to be 7 tracks. it should be listened to in the order it is presented, and was meant to be. it was and is musical therapy for me.

i have decided to shrink my carbon [and petroleum] footprint by making my improvisational, experimental, electronic, ambient music, musique concrete, etc. available via download only. 

when i am creating improvisational recordings- solo piano, solo synth, OR multi tracked synth recordings- the performance is the composition; the finished work; composition and recording created at the same time. it was performed the one time, when i improvised and recorded it; it will never be performed again. [not by me, anyway]

when doing solo piano improv, i only take the track into Sound Forge & normalize it. i might add some minimal reverb if i feel it needs it. i never edit it. when doing multi track improvisations i do go back and check levels, add effects, mix, etc. etc. but the 1st track is usually the main theme track, which i don't edit; and all other tracks/overdubs are improvised over or around the original one. sometimes i don't remember what i played on the first track, but that doesn't matter. i like some discord atonal weirdness and then resolve; but, if it's glaringly OUT, i MIGHT do a retake; but not always. interesting is more important than antiseptic

this music was created using my samsung android galaxy s phone with synth apps, recorded in Sound Forge 9.0 on my laptop, then flown into Acid 7.0 and various loops/sounds from my loop/sample libraries added, as well as reverbs, fx and delays etc. Then, mixed & rendered in Acid, then taken back to Sound Forge, for normalization, and any extra fx needed. voila! c'est la!

each session i have done in the last years is totally different, and this was actually the last work i have created. i was working on it, while also doing some tracks using Bram Brothers/Taureg and  Rebirth/Propellerhead. i finished this first so, it went out first. 

the gazillion other tracks [acoustic piano tracks, electric piano tracks, solo synth tracks, multi tracked synth tracks] need more thought, mixing, listening to, and work before i let them go. i enjoy this "cd"[cyber /cosmically distributed] because it was so relaxing to do; it was musical healing; music therapy. it was and is very calming. i especially like to listen to it when i am driving, or writing in my journal in the morning, or as background when i am doing various projects in the house. no words, no drums, no problem