Monday, February 13, 2006

1st blog lyrics/rectified spirit

self portrait [c]doug duffey

february 13, 2006

i've started a blog to post some of my fotos and lyrics and various other things. i've noticed that a few other blogs have posted some of my lyrics, so i will, too.

lately, i've been thinking how prophetic "RECTIFIED SPIRIT*" [1996-1997] has turned out to be- considering the current political and social climate in the U.S. Not only the title track*, but "SOMETHIN' FUNKY" "HOODOO YOU LOVE?" and "NEW ORLEANS RAIN" seem more timely than when i wrote and recorded them 10 years ago!... so for my 1st blog lyrics:


buying greasy bar-b-que down on martin luther king drive on the gospel radio some reborn psycho shouts out "He's alive!" as some old sister with a shopping cart pushes by with doom in her eyes to be downed by random gun-fire as a drive-by shooting shatters the night skies

redneck trailer trash talking on a cellular phone in the packed hard dirt yard filthy children just skin and bone beside a brand new pick-up truck the license plate says "shoot to kill" he's been downed by inability ain't nothin' left to do but to deal

i said, oh it's got to be recitified , you know, it's got to be rectified

you know that the spirit's willing but the flesh is weak but we dont listen when the spirit speaks yeah, it's got to be rectified

fascist politicians and the christian coalition,en masse shrieking about salvation how they're gonna save this nation at last from sex and drugs and rock and thugs and anyone who's different from them [like me] they want to lock us in a prison of moral communism, amen

i said oh, it's got to be rectified, you know, it's got to be rectified

people can you hear it? we need a rectified spirit

people can you hear it? we need a rectified spirit

[c][p]1996-2006 doug duffey music, bmi /from the cd "rectified spirit"

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