Saturday, April 12, 2008

new blues cd in the works

Voila! a "doug duffey international soul band" BLUES cd is in the works. we've been performing together for several years and it is time to do a cd! time to "kick it up a notch!"
i'm currently going through my archives of original blues music and writing some new songs for the cd. i might even throw in one or two public domain/traditional songs.
we'll begin recording in Switzerland in May with Michael Rasbury at the helm. Michael recorded, mixed and mastered "Changin Times"*. I'm going to use the same M.O. as I did for CT*- setting up in a big room, recording LIVE [as opposed to going into a studio] which will give us more freedom; we can come and go as we like, record when we like, etc.
i just saw a great VH1 'classic album' show on "The Band", who recorded the same way in the 60s/70s... which [along with past experience] only reinforced my vision that this is the way to go. we also plan to video/document a lot of the sessions.
i've also been watching some incredible videos of Howlin Wolf on youtube, recorded live in what looks like a bar- which has the feel i want: relaxed, laid back...REAL.
as of yet there is no working title... but... i will add more info as i know it.
[c]2008 doug duffey