Tuesday, July 03, 2007

la belle suisse

my time in louisiana is coming to an end and i return to europe for a month and some days.
i hope to get a lot of webwork and music done, between gigs, while in europe. i have a lot of live european video footage that needs to be edited [and put on youtube, etc]... and hopefully the band can/will do some recording while i'm there. we need to; we really groove together.
there's a lot to do in one little month. but, i look forward to being back in "la belle suisse", performing, and seeing my friends. i'll be posting from there in one of these blogs [maybe travel-ology]

p.s. i posted the gig dates on my website www.dougduffey.com .... so "come see" if you're in the region.

[c]2007 doug duffey