Tuesday, January 09, 2007


UPDATE: january 15,2007
had a great review from damian bugmann in the bieler tagblatt...
title: "doug duffey hurricane in the soul"... click HERE to read the review [in German]
even though i have sent out some emails, and the date is listed on my website, this is a reminder that we will be playing the BLUE NOTE in Biel on January 12. with us will be percussionist carlos cort, to beef up the beat. we'll be doing some cuts from the new cd, 'changin' times', as well as from 'rectified spirit', and some of my earlier cds. come out and have, as the godfather of soul would say, "a funky good time"!
p.s. this foto was added afterward; it was shot by Renate during sound check at the Blue Note, Biel