Tuesday, November 01, 2011

rectified spirit [notes]

rectified spirit

new orleans 1996/ foto: doug duffey [c]2009
1. hoodoo you love
2. piece of the action
3. somethin' funky
4. new orleans rain
5. hard times
6. rectified spirit
7. love comes
8. love and hate
9. you bring me joy
10. victim of the blues
11. down in mississippi
12.  if it ain't one thing

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all songs written by doug duffey & published by: doug duffey music, bmi

doug duffey: vocals, piano, hammond b-3, fender rhodes
guitar: june yamagishi, anders osbourne, carol berzacs, mark bingham
bass: cornell c. williams
drums: maarten zwarts
percussion: michael ward
saxophone: tim green, ray moore
trumpet: eric lucero
synth: glenn patcha ["love comes"]
hammond b3: ["if it aint one thing"] eloudie bingmon
backing vocals: leigh "little queenie" harris, eloudie bingmon, cornell williams, kim ross, doug duffey
recorded @ the boiler room, new orleans by erik flettrich & mark bingham;  mixed @ ardent studios, memphis tennesee by erik flettrich; mastered by parker dinkins [master digital, new orleans] 

juju shrine/ religious street/ new orleans [c]1990-2006 doug duffey
doug's notes: 
although this cd is listed w/a lot of cyber labels as 'blues' it is MUCH more than that! it's a big gumbo of louisiana funk, soul, r&b, blues, and gospel flavors. 
a lot of the songs were written in, and about, new orleans when i was living there. 'hoodoo you love', 'new orleans rain', 'you bring me joy', and 'love and hate' are lyrically based on what i visually saw, went through, and/or lived. as usual, with my work, it is almost always derived from true life experience. even 'down in mississippi' [written in brussels] and 'victim of the blues' were written about times at my cousin's plantation in natchez, mississippi... or driving to or from there.
the cd was recorded it over several months time at "the boiler room" in new orleans- where we had some incredibly funky sessions and equally good times... [and some great shrimp & oyster po-boys from the 'louisiana seafood exchange'! which definitely effected the groove on 'recitified'!] 
june yamagishi, cornell williams, maarten zwaarts, and i normally rehearsed the songs then recorded the basic tracks- but on 'somethin' funky' and 'down in mississippi' anders osborne [who co-produced and played on my 1st cd 'danger,sex and sound fx']  joined us... and those two songs were totally 'jammed' live. they have great energy!
cornell's mom, eloudie bingmon, played B-3 on 'if it ain't one thing' [later covered by marcia ball] because i wanted a real church organist! the vision of her with shoes off, and a kool cigarette in her mouth as she played, will always stay with me when i hear it!...but all the stories from the sessions are too many to mention.
some of new orleans finest musicians [and some of my old friends] are on this cd. their contributions are immeasurable. i really think the music speaks for itself... and i personally feel this is a timeless recording.
it was mixed at ardent studios in memphis; so i've got some of both of  my favorite musical worlds on this cd. it's most definitely a funk and soul extravaganza!
update december 2006:
in listening to this cd now... it almost seems more timely than when it was recorded!