Tuesday, April 07, 2009

welcome 2009

Zurich airport -4.4.2009

I'm beginning to update my website... so bear with me. between the website, myspace, facebook, youtube and my blogs i get more than a little over media-cated. i've tended to neglect my website for the more easily edited 'social networking' sites. i want to pare down my site and make it more concise... easily navigated etc. and add more photos etc to it.

i am in europe for a few more weeks - i came over december 8- went home march 5- came back march 31 and went into rehearsals then flew to denmark to do the djurs bluesland festival on april 4th- and flew back the next day- so i'm still a little bit jet-lagged. now i am editing the live video jacqueline shot at the festival... posting them on youtube, myspace and facebook...

the group has had a great year so far- and we're expecting more good things with the release of the new cd. it is still being mixed and mastered, but hopefully will be finished within the next 2 months.

i also plan to do some solo piano/vocal writing/recordings [and edit/finish some i've begun] as well as various multi-track recordings begun and shelved for too many years. so summer 2009 will be spent working on various music projects that NEED to be finished.

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