Saturday, September 29, 2007


I've begun going through the archive [old vhs tapes, and dvds] -now that i finally got a video capture device and have begun yet another insanity: putting videos online... [as if recording and editing new music and older recordings wasn't enough!] but it's fun. check out some live performances:

the clip below was taken @ the Tricou House [711 Bourbon Street] where i worked for years. they had a closed-circuit video camera on the piano area so they could show the 'entertainment' on BIG tv upstairs- so, i'd often get the upstairs bartender to video my sets for me- for posterity [the eventual invention of youtube etc.] i told him to turn off the color, and shoot me in black and white... yet another good move. i have tons of these tapes.... maybe i should do a dvd?

here, someone is asking me -between songs- about my voodoo doll on the piano... about the writing [mystic symbols] on it. Chicken Man gave it to me- he came by all the time and would give me voodoo dolls and various gris gris and charms for good luck. anyway... now... i find it funny... the way i made that bar like my living room! i could do whatever i wanted... and did...

btw- the anorexic look was not from drugs or starvation, but from being a strict vegan for 7 years! i think it's time to throw out the pork chops!
[c] 2007 doug duffey

Thursday, September 27, 2007


have begun uploading some live footage from some gigs to youtube - and i'm in the process of adding more... check it out! click here.... voila.
[c]2007 doug duffey