Wednesday, May 02, 2007

podcasts and downloads

have been working to make ready to begin some podcasting. i figure it's time to kick in 'doug duffey radio' and broadcast via the web various and sundry musical trips i want to share. have been finding, editing and recycling a lot of tracks from the archives into sonic foundry Acid, and coming up with some very cool collage type mixes. also some great live tracks from band jams, voodoo funk, psychedelia and all kinds of crazy stuff. it'll be interesting to put it in radio format!

also creating another page for downloads: preview clips of various unreleased 'stuff'; some that i plan to get into cd form and online with before the summer is over.... or begins.

got 2 solo cds edited last week- and mock up labels done this week- but am sending them out to some friends for their critique, and i'm re-listening myself, before i turn them loose on the world. have 12 tracks per cd, but i'm thinking that choosing the best 10 out of the 12 might be the best idea. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... the beat goes on.