Friday, January 26, 2007

Midem, George Clinton, Myspace and more

Spent 5 days in Cannes, France at Midem. I had a great time networking and schmoozing.
Ran into George Clinton and re-connected after 30 years. THAT WAS A TRIP!!!! I also ran into Phil DiFiore (whom i met with Bernie Worrell in New Orleans) -on the 1st day- who was shopping Bernie's cd... and met Keith Jackson from at the huge EMI bash at Hotel Martinez. Funk was definitely there!

Met some great people- like folks from my labels: CDBABY, and THE ORCHARD- and i've decided to get all my various product [funk, soul, blues, solo, various and sundry projects and styles in my archives] online asap with my labels... and let it rock! after everyone telling me i should, i FINALLY started a myspace site. better late than never.
one of the big things i learned from Midem is: there's a gazillion people out there all trying to sell or buy something! one might as well get it all "out there" via the net!

a shot of the beach, outside Palais du Festvials, Cannes.