Saturday, December 30, 2006

2nd International Blues Festival Flims, Switzerland

[foto by renate ali]

We just got back from the 2nd international blues festival in Flims- where we did 2 nights. we did a combination of some of my original songs, some new orleans music and some blues standards, as it was a blues, rhythm & blues festival.

the first night, i/we exchanged sets with the ANDY EGERT BAND. andy egert is, for me, is the best swiss blues artist - he knows the music, knows where it comes from, pays hommage to it, and he knows what he is doing! most important: he feels it from his SOUL, and plays it from his heart.... and plays it right!

the 2nd night [tonight] we played we did our set, which kicked boo-tay! we left the stage with a tribute to JAMES BROWN! THE GODFATHER OF SOUL... and one of the greatest influences of my musical life. not blues ... but all r&b, funk, soul is blues influenced.

James Brown created funk! i grew up to work with some of his backing band: bootsy collins, catfish collins, fred wesley and maceo parker [through my work with pfunk] R.I.P., JB! the funk will live on.

huge thanks to kelvin, hani, and sebi for playing great and supporting me---and to jacqueline trachsel for "taking care of business!"