Wednesday, February 15, 2006

live funk

kelvin bullen [guitar/b-voc] hani ali [drums] sebastian niessner [bass/b-voc] doug duffey [piano/voc] live @ the pink/ zermatt switzerland

i just returned to louisiana - last week- after a 6 week tour in switzerland. the band had some incredible shows and got great reviews, which led to some up-coming festival dates later this year.

we recorded almost ALL the gigs 'live' [over 30 cds of recordings] using a dat machine and some mics placed around the various stages. we did 7 nights in zermatt [sounds like a book title] @ the pink, and really stretched out.
it's all very raw, lo fi, funky and cool. we did lots of long extended psychedelic funk jams [some over 20 minutes long EACH] - and FUNK is the operative word; very "old school" JB type grooves with psychedelic blues guitar & funk piano over solid bass and drums.

i plan to go through, edit/sample in the next days/weeks/months... and eventually post clips either here or on my website. so... stay tuned.